How does it work?
Unlike other fitness test programs you are not required to install any software - everything can be completed online from any computer with internet access. You can choose the level of involvement you want to have in the program from testing students and inputting results or outsourcing the entire program through our instructor network.

Frequently Asked Questions
How  much does it cost?
Registration is free and we will supply you with everything you need to successfully implement the School Fitness Test at your school. Generating reports online costs £0.50 per student. We have a number of other outsourced services available from inputting student results to testing students. Please see the Pricing page for more information.

How many students can you test per 40-60 minute class?
From experience you can test 30 students in a 40-60 minute class. Tests do not have to be completed all at once. You can break them down and do different tests over a number of lessons.

What type of area is required?
The tests can be implemented on any indoor or outdoor surface including school hall, playing field, tennis/basketball courts etc. The only requirement is a flat area 20m long for the shuttle test.

How can we get involved?
Click here to register online now. Its free and you will have access to everything you need to successfully implement the School Fitness Test at your school. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to register!

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